Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A Bit of Do Good Sewing

When I saw that Cheryl Arkison, co-author of "Sunday Morning Quilts" was collecting quilt blocks for making flood relief quilts for those in Canada affected by recent flooding, I jumped at the chance to help out.  These slab blocks are fun to make, and quite addictive.  I see more of these blocks in my future...

I also decided to use up my "left over" black and white quilt blocks to turn into a Project Linus Quilt top.  Kate is again running 100 quilts for kids.  It's a great motivator for me!

Other than these projects, I've been quilting up my Forest QAL blocks, and spending lots of time taking kids to and from our local public pool.  My husband is back from his first full 14 day fire assignment, in Colorado, and gearing up for a potentially busy Oregon fire season here.  The garden is one of our worst ever, here in Pendleton, sadly... Thank goodness for farmer's markets, and co-ops!  I hope everyone's summer is going well!


  1. Great Blocks!!! and Great Work. Too hot here to sew. Too bad on the garden. It's always sad to discover that the growing isn't happening.

  2. Thanks so much, Becky! I lived in Calgary for 30 years and still have family and friends there. All are safe and sound, but I have met people who have sustained serious damage to their homes and seen photos of their neighbours' homes, now condemned. The gift of quilts is sure to be a real blessing to all of them, and the quilters of Alberta -- including me -- thank you so very much for pitching in with this project.