Friday, August 2, 2013

August Goal and More Blocks

Do you ever lose UFO's / WIP's?  The one above has been kept in a box full of mish mash stuff, and gets lost for years at a time.  It's one of my oldest projects, a 2001 Jo Ann Fabric store's  block of the month club...  I made about half of them, and ran out of steam, but did manage to buy all 12 of them, but failed to get the final kit to add sashing and such.  No biggie. These are some of my very first quilt blocks that I ever sewed together.

It really was one of my first lessons that I don't really like kits or copying patterns exactly as is.  When I do this, they get set aside, and left unfinished.  It's also, again, very alien in our house full of boys and men.  It's an alien UFO for sure LOL!  But, I decided, after unearthing it again to make it a goal to finish up these blocks this month for my A Lovely Year of Finishes Goal.

I also got my July Lucky Stars BOM finished just in time, and slammed out a few more City Sampler blocks.


  1. wow - what a great July Lucky Star!

  2. I did the JoAnn blocks too! Good luck getting your blocks done! Love your star!

  3. I too have a WIP that I had forgotten about for over a year! As soon as I finish this comment I'm going to go pull it out...ahh scratch that, I just got up, found it and have it placed on my ironing board all ready to work on. Good luck with getting your WIP done for the Lovely Year of Finishes.
    Your July Lucky Star is gorgeous!