Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Lots and Lots of Zipper Pouches

After making my Pendleton Wool knitting caddy, I had some scraps that were left over.  I made a little zippered pouch for myself, and one thing led to another. I had some Japanese Echino fabric in my stash, and decided to make a few more out of this, as well as another piece of wool that I bought at our local blanket mill.
When I posted picture of them on my personal Facebook page, I had requests for 6.  Our local art center said they'd take some too.
So... I've been busy making lots and lots of zipper pouches.  I have some in my Etsy shop, and hope to continue making more and more at least through the holiday season!  If they don't sell, guess what my family will be getting for Christmas LOL!


  1. Love the Animal theme ones!!! All of them are cute tho.... Hope you sell out!!! I'd help but I don't need any.... for me or gifts. Bummer.

  2. What a nice variety of pouches!