Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Stray into Crochet

I have always admired hand crochet and knit work, but my multiple attempts at knitting never got very far.  I recently started one of Craftsy's classes, the "Crochet Lab", and I think this is finally sticking!!

Best yet, crochet, unlike knitting, doesn't seem to aggravate my wrists and hands.  I plan to take it easy, but I'm thrilled to finally have found something to do with my hands while I watch TV, or wait for kids in school parking lots or dentist offices!

A knitter friend of mine recently told me about Portuguese Knitting, which is supposed to be gentler on your wrists and hands.  I may have to give that a try too.  Has anyone here ever tried it?

I hope all of you had a great Thanksgiving, and are enjoying the season!


  1. can see you have the crochet bug, like you I find knitting not Portuguese knitting will see what google comes up with

  2. How is it that anyone has extra time? Oh, wait... I waste plenty of time too... doing nothing important. Maybe I should take up making dish clothes! Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving too. Me I am lamenting a cold that DDIL brought to share. I will look up Portuguese knitting... it might be what my grandmother referred to as 'knitting the Italian way'.