Thursday, January 9, 2014

City Sampler Blocks FINISHED, and Distaff Day

Here they are!  My big goal these last few weeks has to get all 100 blocks from Tula Pink's book, City Sampler finished, and here they all are!  I'm just waiting on the sashing fabric now, which got stuck in the Midwest because of weather.  I was hoping to finish the top this week, but it may be next week or later due to the delay.  I'm pretty thrilled though!! It'll be King sized when it's done!

I also got to celebrate Distaff Day at our local art center with a group of wonderful fiber art ladies.  Distaff Day was a new term for me, but it's the historic day (in Europe?) where women went back to work, after the Christmas Season.  Plough Monday is the men's equivalent.  The distaff is the staff that raw wool was help on while it was being spun into thread or yarn.

Spinning is very new to me.  I took a drop spindle class at the art center, but really haven't done anything with it, but this fun afternoon at the art center has me rethinking!  There were so many wonderful spinners there, many from places 30-60 miles away. I left, only after making a New Year's Resolution to learn how to knit.

The handmade socks alone are enough motivation to get me going!  Aren't they beautiful?


  1. LOVE your CS blocks! Just beautiful. And the spinning - SO interesting. What a fun opportunity!

  2. blocks look great, how I wish I had colour coordinated mine but mine are a mishmash, have used 15 with sashing in a lap quilt but not done the quilting yet as I have not ever quilted but not sure what to do with the rest. Just had another peep at yours on the floor wow

  3. OOOOOOOhhhh I know how to knit and I really want to make socks... but I think I will need some help.... the directions, just mess with my head when I read them... and then there is the needle part... circular vs, double.... and the heel and toe... Oh... makes my head hurt just thinking about it.... All I want is really simple plain 'crew' socks... in fancy yarn! Someday. Love the blocks!

  4. The quilt looks great WITHOUT the sashing, perhaps because of your wonderful color coordination.

  5. Hi, Becky. Your sampler blocks all together are a knock-out! I used to spin, and enjoyed it immensely, however, I had to prioritize it down to the bottom of my to-do-list, unfortunately. Love those handmade socks! Wishing you a creative and productive new year!
    best, nadia