Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Weedless Wednesday

I've been doing a WIP Wed post for a while now, but during the summer, once late July and August (and September) rolls around, the majority of my energy gets devoted to my garden.  I just LOVE this time of year, as we eat so healthy, and the grocery bills plummet!  I don't have much time to sew, so I thought I'd start a new Wednesday theme of "Weedless Wednesday".

Any gardener knows that if you neglect weeding, soon your garden will be taken over by these unwanted plants.  I just hate weeding, so I'm going to post pictures of our garden each Wednesday as a motivation to clean out the weeds at least once a week for a blog photo or 2 (or 3).  It's similar to the inviting-house-guests-so-that-you-will-clean-your-house technique.  SO here's a few progress pictures of our garden!!
As always, I love reading other garden posts, and I'm always eager to hear about how others' gardens are doing!!  Besides zucchini, we also have raspberries being eaten as fast as we can pick them, the occasional blueberry, the very first of the tomatoes and peppers, green onions and carrots, as well as some herbs.  The lettuce has all bolted, but I may try a summer planting soon, as I'm already missing our garden salads.  What's coming out of your gardens???

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