Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Postcards, Forest QAL and Sea Star Blocks

I thought I'd share a few postcards that I made for friends we visited on our Seattle trip!  Since we were right at the ocean, Tula Pink's Saltwater was perfect.  I also realized that these are the first postcards that I've made with my new sewing machine.  Of course, it sewed them up beautifully!

One of my friends works at Microsoft, so I used their logo as a design inspiration.

I also spent much of the last week or so sewing up these 2 "Forest Quilt Along" blocks!  I am certainly challenged by these!  I think my seam ripper may have to be replaced very soon, as it's getting a whole lot of use!  They are so worth the effort though!

Finally, I made up my April Lucky Star BOM, or "Sea Star", as I've been calling them.  After the Forest blocks, it was an easy, fast block to make LOL!  I love fussy cutting this Saltwater fabric!  It's hard to see, but I put a different item in each of the blue center blocks.


  1. Great postcards!

    And your trees are wonderful. Did you find that fabric or paint the birch bark yourself? It's wonderful!

  2. Love the postcards, especially mine! ;-)

  3. Cute Cute Cute....
    I was in a quilt shop a few weeks ago and saw a foundation pieced feather top/quilt....