Monday, April 29, 2013

Quilt Block for Boston

The Boston Marathon Bombing has affected all of us.  It's still impossible to wrap my head around why anyone would commit such a heinous and cowardly attack.

Quilts for Boston
As soon as I saw this post about making quilt blocks to send to Boston to help comfort, I started sewing.  The Boston Modern Quilt Guild is collection blue, yellow, white and gray colored blocks to make quilts to give to those affected.

I decided to make the Morse Code word for "strong", as in "Boston strong".  It's indeed going to take a lot of strength for these people to move on with their lives.  I've never been to Boston as an adult, and my memories of going there as a young child are gone, but it sure seems like a pretty special place full of special people. I'm more than happy to send a little bit of fabric to a city that's been through such a difficult time.

Please click on the link above if you want to help out as well.


  1. Our guild, ECMQG, meets this Saturday, and I still have to make my flag(s) for the To Boston with LOVE project. I hope you don't mind, but your block is the inspiration for my flag. Thank you.