Sunday, June 30, 2013

June Goal Finished! Black and White Quilt

With time to spare, I just finished sewing together my black and white swap block quilt that I blogged about here..  If anyone has a better name, I'm all ears!  I'm linking up with Shanna and Melissa's A Lovely Year of Finishes June finish link up!

To be honest, I'm all out of the gray fabric. I just barely had enough of the gray to do all of the sashings. It's 75" by 75".  I may add a gray border to it, or just use gray to bind it.  It was super fun to get a closer inspection of all of the blocks as I stitched it all together.  With temps in the upper 90's though I'm not even ironing it until later, let alone quilting it.  It feels good to get done though.  I think I'm going to stick to smaller projects for the rest of the summer.

I also just barely got home to Oregon by jet before this crazy heat shut down many flights.  I spent a week visiting my family in Dallas, and just got back Thursday night.

I thought I'd share a quilt (which was hand quilted) that was on my bed there that my mom got from my grandma's closet after she passed away.  It's also a very valuable reminder to me to get better at labeling my quilts, as this one had no label on it, and my mom and aunt have no idea if my grandma made it, or bought it, or even how old it is.  This makes me really sad...

Finally I had these waiting for us in the garden when we got home!  We've had such weather extremes these last few months that the garden is no too happy, but it's progress!

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  1. I took a closer look and these blocks are really fun! Great flimsy finish!