Thursday, September 26, 2013

A Quilter's Garage Sale

Over the week-end, a local quilter decided to donate most of her large quilting stash of books and fabric to fund several 4H quilting monetary prizes at our local county fair next year.  There were more than a few other wonderful ladies who helped organize and sell too.  Any 4H kids were literally given anything they wanted from the to start a quilt.

I got there a few hours after the sale started, and despite the large amount of things that had already walked away, there was still no shortage of fabric, books and magazines.  The books were $1 each, magazines free, and the fabric priced to move quickly.  The pile of books and fabric above was $10!  I donated a bit more as well.

The ladies had organized many "grab bags", and teased that there was a few really nice pieces in each bag, but you had to buy the whole gallon zip lock bag.  I saw this purple print that I had to have.  It reminded me of the thrift store dress I recently re-purposed.  Yep, same exact print! I bought a few large cuts of fabric too.  The first picture is the fabric I wanted, the second is the grab bag fabric that I'm now determined to turn into a quilt or two! I forgot how much I love the old "dusty rose" colors that are no longer out there.  And that yellow is a small corduroy that has gone out of style and is now back again LOL!

Let me tell you, the amount of fabric there was overwhelming (even after a huge amount had already been sold).  There was an entire large table piled with just solids, one with just apparel fabric, and many more with prints and pieces.  There were over 200 books, and 2 full tables with nothing but magazines, some decades old.  My stash really doesn't need to grown any, and I realize that these yard, thrift store finds and clearance sales are my weakness, but it all goes to such a good cause, right? I guess the moral of the story is to try to use what you have and once you get to the point that you know you won't be able to, find a good place for it while you still can.

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