Monday, October 7, 2013

October Goal

Truth be told, I'm down to only a few UFO's / WIP's in my sewing closet.  When I found out a long-time friend of mine has had a possible recurrence of a malignant brain tumor, I decided that this month's goal is to get a quilt made for her.  I had some of the fabric already, and a trip to a new quilt store in Hermiston, OR, The Material Girl, rounded out the collection.  She has an on-line store as well.  Lovely Shanna, from "Fiber of All Sorts" went with me, and used her talented eye for color to help me pick out a few of the teals! There's only one thing better than fabric shopping, and that's fabric shopping with a friend :-). She also gave me permission to put this in the queue of my year's "A Lovely Year of Finishes" Goals ;-).

Be sure to click on over there to see what other's are doing.


  1. Sounds like an awful diagnosis. Good friends like you will certainly help her get through it!

  2. Lovely fabric selections for a loving project. May it go well and may she get well!