Monday, February 25, 2013

Off Topic: Dog, Swap, Storage and Vote

Yeah, I'd like to put my dog in storage now, or swap him, but this will help for now.
There's a reason you don't see tons of pretty throw pillows (or lots of white, for that matter) on my blog ;-). He hasn't been on quite this kind of rampage in a long time, and only does it while we are out of the house.  Out lives have been busier as my kids have been getting older.  >>>shrug<<<  Any ideas on how to salvage the pillow would be welcome!

I have to share some shelves that my husband has been working on building for me.  They're going to go on the wall next to my sewing machine.  They're just waiting for some better weather and free time for him to sand and finish!!

I also just love the new configuration of my tables.  They make quilting a quilt much easier (they hold the bulk nicely!).

I also was able to bring out my old sewing machine to work on some swap blocks that are due this week, so I didn't have to reset my 6600.  Even better, almost all of the feet are interchangeable, although the machines have different shank lengths, so not all of them interchange.  The bobbins are now totally interchangeable too, which is fantastic!!! I'll be keeping my old machine handy from now on!!
I turned these in at my LQS today, and picked up the most perfect Kaffe Fasset fabric for the binding for the Mark Lipinski quilt that I'm working on! 
I hope to finish it up in the next day or two.

FINALLY, Kim of Project Quilting has decided to bring back a public vote for the quilts in each weeks' challenge.  The winner gets a nice charm pack, so if you'd vote for my quilt (and 3 others) I'd appreciate it.  Thanks!

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  1. Hmmmm...I enlarged the photo and see the damage is not simply in the seam. Have you more of the green fabric? If so, you might be able to piece in a repair. You'll need to take the stuffing out, of course, do the work flat and re-stuff. could simply take it apart and make a journal cover or something out of it! ;-)