Friday, February 22, 2013

PQ4: Stuck

I finished up my New York Beauty "Star", and put together a panel as well.  My hope is to translate my blog title, "Solar Threads" into this quilt, but I'm stuck. 

I wanted threads radiating out from the sun (get it?).  So far I have lots of little bits of fused fabric that I plan to iron on, but as I got into it (nothing is ironed on yet), I'm not sure I like it.  Maybe I should just use embroidery floss instead?  Curved lines?  No lines, stitch my actual name in there somehow?  Any ideas?  Here's another view.  It's hard to get the true colors on "film" though...
I can't wait to get started on the actual quilting part of this!!

On one last note, I originally planned on getting my pattern from the New York Beauty Quilt Along that I participated in last Spring.  I made 3 of 9 patterns, adn had hoped to make more, but the link has now been removed :(.  Luckily I found some on my EQ7 program, but lesson learned is to print out these things when I find them, as there's no guarantee of permanence on the Internet.

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  1. How about.... cutting some bias strips with fusible on the back and have them kind of curve and float around the big black space(s).