Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Olympic Rings Quilt Finished!

The Winter Olympics was exactly what I needed to motivate me to finish the quilt that I started 2 years ago, during the Summer Olympics.  I stitched on the binding this morning, just as the last of the snow is melting. It's 54" by 72"... the perfect size for snuggling under while we watch the Olympics on TV.
I decided to quilt laurel leaf wreaths in each of the rings.  As the legend goes, Laurel leaf wreaths were put upon the victor's heads during the original Olympics in ancient Greece.  The rest of the quilting is my attempt at flames, from the Olympic torch.  I think it was so neat to see it go into space during it's voyage to Russia.
I decided to use a black and white variegated thread in the black top and bottom borders, and LOVE the effect!  I'll be using this technique again!

The back is simple, just some coordinating solids I had.
I love the way the rings and other quilting shows on the back.  As I've gotten better at free motion quilting, I like solid colored backs more and more, as they show off the quilting, rather than hide it.

I hope you are enjoying the Olympics as much as I am.  Call me crazy, but my favorite events are the Half Pipe Snowboarding events, as well as the Mogul Skiing.  I find them mesmerizing.  I think my own background in gymnastics is what makes them appeal to me, as they have so many wonderful flips and twists.  What's your favorite event of the Winter Olympics?

Another totally off topic question I have is what camera do you use?  My point and shoot has bit the dust, and my son's who I've been using (same model, a Cannon Powershot), is following suit.  I took all of these with my ipad mini.  It's OK, but not great.  I really want to save up and get a nice one next.  Thanks for any advice!


  1. It finished out so pretty! I love the quilting!

  2. You are certainly creative and a "think out of the box" quilter. This quilt is amazing and the little details are so cool.
    I use the same canon camera, so I'm no much help. I'm thinking I need a "grown up" camera soon.
    I've really enjoyed watching the Olympics, only wish I had such a wonderful quilt to cozy up in.

  3. Very fun quilt and yay for the quilting too! We are watching the Olympics most nights. I especially enjoyed the snowboarding event where the kid from Idaho won the first US gold medal....also love the ice skating. And camera? I have a Canon T3i...hubby calls it a beginner's DSLR, and it's been great for me. (he is much more the photographer, but this camera makes it easy for me to take decent photos + there's still plenty I can learn about it!)

  4. wow love the quilting here, as you say the plain fabrics show it off so much better than a busy fabric.
    I love the ice skating best, goes back to when Torvill and Dean delighted us 30 years ago, and they are still skating, they were skating their winning piece yesterday to celebrate their anniversary.
    I have a little sony digital camera, find it quite good and opted for sony as we have a sony shop here and they are so good at sorting me out when I cannot work out how to do something. Think digital is wonderful

  5. So glad you got it done! Looks fantastic too. Love the border fun and what you did w/the quilting. Great job!