Monday, February 3, 2014

Sea Star Quilt Top Finished!!

After making a few new stars, I finally was able to sew up my "Sea Stars" quilt top.  All but 2 of the paper pieced stars were made using "Don't Call Me Betsy"'s Lucky Star BOM pattern.  I learned a lot doing these over the last year, and even topped it off by finally figuring out how to create a paper pieced star of my own in EQ7

I'm pretty thrilled about this, and if I can figure out how to share the PDF on my blog, I'll try to do that!

I also found another "Mariner's Compass" Star pattern that was originally on Quilting on the Square's website.  I think I found a link for it on Pinterest.  It was by far the most challenging block, but I love the way it turned out!

Almost all of the fabric is from Tula Pink's Saltwater collection.

Here's one last picture of the top with the 2 blocks I decided to take out.  I turned the quilt blocks on point, adding alternating blocks of the background fabric, and setting triangles.  It's all finished up with a boarder around the panel. The 2 extra blocks will either go onto the back of the quilt, or I may make some throw pillows out of them.  I'm happy with my decision to remove them.  One thing I learned from this quilt process is that I really don't like "mystery" quilts.  I really prefer to see the whole picture before I even start a quilt.  I'm glad I did it though, as I really got a great handle on how paper piecing works and I got lots of practice!!

What about you?  Do you like mystery quilts / BOM clubs?


  1. what fantastic stars, the points are all perfect. Love the fabrics used too and thanks for a close up of some of the stars. Must learn the paper foundation way as it works so well

  2. You did a really nice job on your stars! I enjoy BOM but invariably something doesn't 'quite' you discovered. Still very fun tho!!