Monday, May 14, 2012

The Monday Garden Post

As usual, we (meaning mostly my husband, with my assistance) got a lot done in our garden and yard over the week-end.  We finished up our yard garden patch, amending the soil, hooking up irrigation (we only average 12 inches of rain here), and planting some peppers and some local Walla Walla onion starts, next to the new strawberry bed.  My husband also dug up 3 sorry Hydrangeas that had been planted in full shade by a former house owner, and we have a few ornamental ready to plant in their place: Columbine, Bleeding Heart, and a new one to us, Helleborus.  It's become a tradition to buy me a few plants each year for Mother's Day!  I love it!  I also got my bird feeder which is all set up and starting to attract birds!  YEA!!

I'm glad we waited to plant the peppers this week, as we got a really hard frost this past week that did a lot of serious damage to many plants and trees in the area, including some of our trees.  Looks like once again, our fruit trees will be non-productive this year.  I guess there's a reason that there we have to drive a good hour to see any orchards in this part of Oregon/Washington.  Thankfully, we have a great farmer's market!!  Luckily, our "Wall O' Water" season extenders kept our tomato plants nice and safe!

This isn't the best pictures, but we also ate our first veggies from the garden over the week-end.  I just love the first spring lettuce and radishes!  So incredibly fresh and yummy!

I hope all of you had a great Mother's Day week-end, and hope that you'll grow an edible plant or 2 (or more) this summer!  I always love to hear what's growing in your garden too!!


  1. Yum yum! Lettuce!

    I loooove hydrangeas. They're supposed to be shade-friendly but this owner of a shady patio can assure you that's a bunch of big fat lies.

  2. I'm not sure I'd mess with getting the radishes into the salad.... I think they would be perfect without all the green stuff!!! Love sweet radishes with just a hint of fire in'em. Nights are getting notably cooler these days, in the 40's and days not much higher than 70!!! boo on winter.