Monday, April 30, 2012

The Garden is Open

Over the week-end, we spent a great deal of time in our yard and garden, getting ready for the growing season.  We weeded, dug, got the irrigation up and running, fixed trellises, and got out the tomato cages, as well as the "Wall of water" protectors for a dozen or so tomatoes we bought. 
I also stubbornly dug up yet another 10-12 foot section of "rock-scaping" that is in our yard and started turning it into usable dirt for edible plants.  Last year, I dug up a big chunk and planted blueberry plants.  Now we have a 2nd strawberry bed, and room for something else that is yet to be decided.  The rest we'll dig up next year!  The seed and plant catalogs have been deployed, and an order already placed. I'm sore, tired, and stiff, but the promise of yummy home-grown goodies keeps me going.  I love reading about gardens as much as sewing, so please let me know what you're growing this year!  We always like try something new each year.  Some of our past favorites, that have now become staples in our garden are pink banana squash, and Asian yard long beans.  We ordered some Edamame beans this year.  What else would you recommend?


  1. Can't wait to see your garden stash develope!!! I would say Butternut(pumpkin here)Squash. So many different ways to cook it- US does not do the veggie justice!!! and Lemon Cucumbers. Oh YUM!!!

  2. You have an irrigation system? Tell us about that, please. My husband is very anxiously waiting to plant here but it's still too cool and iffy. He has a cold-frame full of seedlings. Although we live in a cooler zone, he has great luck with sweet potatoes. I highly recommend them.