Monday, April 23, 2012

Spring Fever

Last week, I did manage to get some Kindle covers finished, and listed on my Etsy shop, but with the weather finally getting nice, my attention has been wandering more and more outside.

Our fruit tree blossoms have so far have escaped frost (and deer).
The strawberries are blooming.
The blueberries will be next,
followed by the raspberries.
We even have some baby vegetables coming up.  Our local birds find them irresistible too, thus the chicken wire.

I can't wait to eat the first food from our garden!  So much promise, so much anticipation!

We had a week-end full of trips, a birthday, and chores, but hope to get our main garden started by the end of this week.

I did manage to get a long-time UFO (all made from a fellow quilting friend's fabric stash) pin-basted, and I remembered to register some of my quilts to show in the upcoming Krazy Hose Quilt Show!!  I love this show, as it is full of beautiful quilts, many made by people I know and see regularly!  But I'm afraid my quilting will soon be taking a back seat to our garden and the great outdoors.  I hope your week-end was just as pretty and promising!


  1. Could you make me a "manly" Kindle cover for the original Kindle? I would purchase it from you here or at your etsy shop, whichever you prefer. My husband works for the railroad and carries a grip and I'm afraid he's going to hurt his Kindle. I was going to order one online, but (gulp) they want a fortune for them. I saw your shop and would love to buy one that would fit his Kindle and be manly, too, because he works with guys and he wouldn't want to be teased out there working.

    1. Just saw this comment. It was flagged as possible spam for some reason, and was waiting for my "approval". I'd love to make a manly one. You can send me a "convo" (Etsy email) at my shop. That may be easier. My husband is a fire fighter, and I've made some for him and his friends that get the manly man approval rating LOL!