Thursday, April 26, 2012

More Postcards, Awards and Thanks

First of all, I want to say thanks to Monika and other bloggers who have recently mentioned me on their blogs!  Kit, Marlene, Lisa, H2O Girl, and any others I may have accidentally omitted have also nominated me for various blog awards.  I really do appreciate the plugs! 

I've recently had quite a few flattering nominations for the Libster Award, and a few others, and one of the requirements of these is to nominate 5 more, so those lovely ladies above would be wonderful nominees.  I've been blogging for over 2 years now, and these awards, while very nice and appreciated do take an awful lot of time and energy to respond to, so I hope people forgive me if I don't always respond, and I certainly don't ever expect anyone else to feel like they need to as well.  There's part of me that also sees these as a sort of blog-version of a chain letter, which I've never been too fond of either, but I know the intent is good.

Usually they also ask to tell some things about yourself that readers might not know.  So here's a story about me that you may not know...  Many years ago, I used to be quite the piano player.  I was actually personally selected by the head of my college piano music department, Fiana Lusktak to be one of her students, after she heard me perform.  That was one of the biggest honors and pleasures in my younger life, to be selected and taught by such an incredible musician and performer.  It's funny how life works though.  I was told by her many times that I had an incredible skill that needed to be shared, but I had one of the worst cases of stage fright of anyone.  I would literally be physically sick for days before performances, and often froze up mid-performance, which never made things easier.  I was her only student at the time, who wasn't a music major or minor, and that was primarily because the thought of doing the full or half recital required was horrifying to me.  So biology major it was!!  My very first music teacher was my mom, who still continues to perform in her church and to teach private piano lessons in her "retirement".  Music is her true passion, and I'm so grateful to her for teaching me this skill.  She also taught me to sew, and of course many many others things as well.

OK  'nuff said.  I'm a pretty private person in general, a shy introvert.  Blogging suits me well, as I love to communicate, but am too shy to do so in a big group LOL!

I did manage to get these postcards sent off to the Sisters Quilt Show, for their Wish Upon a Card fundraiser for cancer patients.  The first cards are for my "May Flowers" Swap :-)  Enjoy!


  1. Oh, boy, can I relate to your stage fright! Years ago, as a child, I played the piano at festivals and other places pretty much without a second thought. A couple of years ago, I started taking classical guitar lessons and, as a mature student, the teacher encouraged me to take part in a recital. No problem, I thought. Well. It was awful. My hands were sweaty and I felt like I'd pass out. After it was all over, we figured out I was probably holding my breath the whole time!! Yikes!