Friday, June 1, 2012

More Swap Postcards

I decided to try some new foundation paper that I recently bought for these aprons, thinking that it'd be faster than the freezer paper piecing. 

Boy was I wrong.  I love the new paper, but I think from now on, I'll be using the freezer paper method if I can!!  It eliminates the "backwards flip side confusion", and creates a nice precise finish, and really doesn't involve any more cutting and trimming than the foundation method.  I don't like the foundation aprons nearly as much as I like the freezer pieced ones.  I thought I'd try both ways on the same pattern to compare.  Now I know.  I'm now eager to try making a home made light box that a local friend told me how to make.  Stay tuned...

Just as I got the last of my postcards into the mail, I started seeing the following beauties appear in my mail box!!

Flossie is my kind of lady!  She and I were on the same "wave" length (pun totally intended) as we interpreted the theme "where you want to be".  The beach is the place for both of us.

Can you believe the detail on this card?  Look at the sea shells and beads in the waves!

Lynn must be following Space X's Dragon mission closely , as our family has been, as she wants to go to the moon!  So cool!!  Unfortunately, it picked up a stain in its travels.

Everyone seems to have an opinion on how to mail these cuties.  Flossie (and I) used clear cellophane envelopes.  Many people prefer them "naked" though.  That's how I'll send my aprons, per that swap.  I'd love to hear your opinion.  Do you like the artifacts and postmarks and such on these postcards, or do you like them protected?

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  1. I pretty much don't have an opinion.... I think the card should dictate... things that won't go through the machinery should be sent in a sleeve... other wise just like a post card.... because it a POSTCARD first that also happens to be art.