Wednesday, June 13, 2012

WIP Wed: 2 Quilts Basted, and Garden-In-Progress

After last post, I can't resist showing you our little baby okra plants coming up in our garden.  I think it's so marvelous that the baby okra leaves have the same "hairs" on them that the mature okra pods do.  Awesome!!

Here's our beans coming up.  We had some nasty cold wet weather last week, so we lost a few starts and some seeds didn't germinate either, so we're still planting...  I just used up the last of the 2011 tomatoes and winter squash recently, but haven't bought lettuce from the store in over a month :-).

I also managed to pin baste my "Purple Haze" and "Modern Granny" quilts.  I just counted up my other "WIP's", and I'm down to 5 quilt tops after these are done!  Yea!!

As usual, I'm linking up with Lee at Freshly Pieced WIP Wed. Come see what others are working on as well!


  1. The garden is looking good.... and soon there will be tons of fresh food! The quilt harvest is looking good too. Waiting to see the quilting.

  2. Your garden and basted quilts look great! Love that "Modern Granny" squares quilt - think I'll have to try one of those myself.

  3. Lovely as always. . awesome work hon!