Saturday, June 9, 2012

"Purple Haze" Quilt top Done!

Our weather here has been just lousy!  It's been cold, windy and wet, which is not great for the beginning of summer vacation, or for our garden, but it's great sewing weather.  I was able to finish my Lavender challenge quilt, which I'm naming "Purple Haze"!  Who doesn't love Jimmy Hendrix? 

I also got the back of my "Modern Granny" quilt sewn up, and the back started on the Purple Haze Quilt.  If this weather keeps up, I may even get these 2 quilts pin basted and quilted.  I hope your week-end has been much nicer, weather-wise than ours!!


  1. Great use of purple, Becky! But...are you old enough to know who Jimi Hendrix is?! ;-)

  2. Sorry about your weather - I was so fortunate to have such great weather when I was up there. Awesome that you are looking on the bright side to seeing how much sewing time you can get in. The purple looks so good! :)