Monday, October 22, 2012

Modern Granny Quilted!!

Quilting is a long process.  I don't blame you if you're getting a bit bored seeing pictures of this quilt, because, I'm getting a bit bored posting about it, but I'm beyond thrilled at how it is turning out.  I just finished quilting it this morning!!  I LOVE it!  Yes, it took forever, but the time I spent creating, sewing and quilting this is showing!!  It's a "keeper" for sure!!

I even had my machine start complaining.  Late yesterday afternoon, the motor started hesitating, and as I felt the beginning of panic, I decided to give the machine a break and watch the baseball play-off.  Well, I'm happy to report that the baseball therapy helped!  I also made sure that all of the pedal cable connections were well secure.  My table is flimsy, and vibrates so much that I've had feet come unscrewed just from the vibrations.  Maybe this is what happened?  Maybe it just needed a rest?  I don't know, but it gave me no problems this morning.

Lucky me too, I have exactly enough of the red batik fabric left to make the binding.  It's all cut and ready to sew, press and attach.

Believe it or not, the "matrix" design was the most challenging for this quilt.  I don't think I'll ever quilt it on such a large scale again.  I couldn't resist throwing in occasional "@" symbols in the pebbling, because this is after all, a "modern granny"!


  1. I like the black background (or is it navy) you used for the blocks and I like the blocks too. I've been making a granny too but with Kona snow background in 30s reproductions. I need 42 blocks for my quilt and I'm only a little over half finished. I can't get the hang of these "modern" quilts but the more I see them the more I like some of them. Yours is striking.

  2. Nice twist on the granny quilt! Looks great!

  3. Oh!! That's a really cool quilt!! Both the quilting and the matrix design. You really took "modern" to the next level! Well done! :)