Wednesday, October 17, 2012

WIP Wed: Quilting, Ripping, and Computing

This week, I've been working on quilting my Modern granny quilt, and getting my son's binary code curtains finished.  As I mentioned a few days ago, I got some beautiful, perfectly coordinated Isacord thread in the mail recently, and I was able to quilt all of the color stripes without a single break.  I'm now trying to figure out how to quilt all of that negative space.  I think I'll do a different design in each space that's created with the color stripes, but need to decide what and what color to use.  I'm going to try to be brave and use a color that you can actually see, instead of black, and am leaning towards gray.  I could use the red, blue and yellow though.  Hmmm, any suggestions?

I also have almost finished my son's binary code curtains.  I ran into 2 problems though.  I ran out of the red fabric, so I'm going to add a black "border" on the top and bottom, but need more black fabric (sigh).  I also realized after I got them all sewn together, that capital letters have different codes than lower case letters.  The things you learn quilting...  My son said he doesn't care that the first letter isn't capital, but strangely, it really bugs me!

Speaking of mistakes, of course I had to rip out a whole seam that I put in upside down, and decided to take a video to show you my favorite way to rip out seams.  It took me many years to discover this method, so maybe a reader out there can also benefit from it.  You really need a SHARP seam ripper.  These should be replaced every now and then, just like your needles and rotary cutting blades.  It makes a big difference.

It's a total coincidence (I swear) that Lee's Supernova quilt is on the back of my couch!  I'm linking up to this talented quilt blogger's WIP Wed link up.  Come see what others are working on!


  1. I hope your boys appreciate all that you do for them! Binary code curtains! You Rock!

  2. Becky, you just keep on wow-ing me. First LOVE LOVE LOVE the binary name. I need to do one for my computer programming hubby. And second, I have major seam ripping to do on the Hot Wheels/Swastika quilt so it can just be the Hot Wheels quilt and you just made it much more palatable. I might even actually do it now. :)
    And it was super cool to see you and hear you in (sort of)real life!

  3. Oh, and how did you convert your son's name?

  4. Those binary curtains are amazing! I love them! And it's true, there's a different ASCII code for upper case and lower case, but the awesomeness factor really counteracts any "typos". :D
    When I was in college I used to make ascii bracelets for my friends using those white squareish beads with black letters/numbers. :)

  5. Omg! Is it really that quick and easy to rip seams! This will save me hours in the future....thanks for the tip:)