Friday, October 5, 2012

WIP Friday: Binary Code Quilt/Curtains, and Giant Granny Panties Quilt

Yeah, I know, I'm a bit behind this week, thanks to a sick kid, and a broken washing machine.  I'm getting a bit caught up, but have a busy week-end ahead too.  That's OK, because there's no deadlines in quilting, right?

The binary code quilt is really going to be 2 curtains to cover my youngest son's closet opening, which is 72" by 80".  It's coming along, but I'm sweating a bit, because I barely have enough of the red fabric to make it, and one mistake will be a major problem, so I'm taking it slowly.  Seeing his face when he sees me working on it reminds me that it's most important to make quilts for those you love.  We're both excited about this one.

My other WIP right now is the "Giant Granny Panties" a quilt along that Jennifer at "That Girl, That Quilt" is hosting.  I'm almost half done piecing it, and way behind, but that's OK, because there's no deadlines in quilting right?

I think this is the first quilt that I've made that's almost entirely "designer" fabric, fabric I unfortunately got half price at a local quilt store that went out of business.  I must admit that at first I had reservations about this quilt, as it's so NOT my "normal color scheme", but I'm really loving it now that it's coming together!

Finally here's a look at the several Pendleton wool blanket fabric postcards that I made and dropped off at our local art center to sell and to raise money at their upcoming fundraising event.  Once again, I feel so lucky to have such a resource in our town!


  1. Yep the only deadlines are self imposed and even those slide.... sometimes by years!!!

    Those postcards are GREAT!!!

  2. giant granny panties? lol Well I'll look forward to seeing that when it's done! :)