Sunday, October 28, 2012

UFO Sunday: Fire Escape

It's UFO Sunday over at Leah Day's blog!  I'm trying to use this to finish up my many UFO's.  Come join us!

I'm beyond thrilled to have finished my "Modern Granny" quilt last week!!  It's really the first time I've done anything even close to a whole cloth quilt, and am already planning another "whole cloth" quilt to make....

I decided the next quilt in line to finish, is my oldest UFO, "Fire Escape", a pattern by Atkinson Designs.  I couldn't resist using Leah's "flame key" quilting design for this one.  It's going to turn out nice!
Pin basted...
Starting to quilt.

On a final note, has anyone else noticed how thin commercial batting has gotten?  I bought a few twin packaged battings from the local Jo-Anns fabric, when they were 50% off, and they were so incredibly thin when I spread them out that you could see the fabric through them.  There were even spots that were practically holes.  Boo.. The store is an hour away, so I just doubled the batting, using 2 bats instead of one.  So much for the 50% off price!  So far, so good quilting.  I figure if there's not a thick-ish layer of batting in a quilt, that it's not even worth doing.  It's frustrating though, and I think from now on, I'm going to be buying it in bulk so I can inspect it first...


  1. Your quilting looks fantastic! Great choice for this quilt I think... Can't wait to see more of it.

  2. I sure like your choice of quilting stitches!