Thursday, November 1, 2012

A Few Odds and Ends... Postcards and Swap Blocks

I just have a few things to share today.  I made a few postcards for my "purple and another color" swap this month.  One is going to Australia!  I already got my swap-mate's card back from Australia... a first for me!!  Check out the cute Koala Bear stamp!!
Oregon's a great state to live in (I think) when it comes to voting.  It's all vote by mail, and each household gets a nice thick voter's guide that outlines all of the measures and candidates.  I love it!  I dropped mine in the ballot box today (we can mail it too), then stopped by our local quilt shop to pick up some things and drop off some swap blocks that we're doing.  Half are going to be "reverse" of mine... black corners, white sides, and we're all fussy cutting the center. Easy and fun!!

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  1. I like the simplicity of your postcards... will have to remember that!!! Flip and sew would be a good way to do them too....

    The swap block are cute.... will you get back from the same other person, or from a bunch of others?