Wednesday, November 28, 2012

WIP Wed: Swap Blocks, Basting, and Postcards

I did manage to get a wee bit of sewing done in the past few weeks, mostly when Shanna, of Fiber of All Sorts came over to play/sew!  Do you ever have sewing dates with your girlfriends?  I highly recommend them!!

I signed up for a 6 month long quilt block swap at our local quilt store, and these are my November blocks that I made over the week-end.  Below are the ones I got back from October!  So much fun!
Before my car hit the deer, I was able to baste these quilt. 

I hope to get them done in time to give away for Christmas presents!  Wish me luck!

Finally, I have my November postcards that I'm working on for the swap I'm still doing.  The theme is "using selvages".  One thing about selvages is that you don't really have much from any one cut of fabric.  So each postcard is very different!  I just need to trim, finish the edges, and put them into the mail!!

Finally, I would love to hear any suggestions about Blogger's sudden request for me to pay to have my blog pictures stored. What do you do?  I used Flickr to upload these pictures, and copied the link, but the pictures are pretty poor.  Considering the time and effort that I spend blogging, the thought of having to PAY a monthly fee on top of it all, is really a detriment.  I don't make a penny for this blog, but it does get me some exposure, so I guess it's worth something.  Ugh....  I guess I'll be doing some research about it all.  My old blog, Becky's Blabber I had for 2 1/2 years, and never encountered this problem. Hmmm....

As usual, I'm linking up with WIP Wed, over at Lee's place!  Come join us!!


  1. Your postcards are going to be fantastic. Your have to show them next week, so that we can see them finished.

  2. Love those fussy-cut guitars, Becky!

    Re: your Blogger photo issue: I've been on Blogger almost 10 years now. Early on -- very early on, I paid something like $85 USD for the privilege of having photos, and haven't been charged anything since; neither have I been told I'm running out of storage space -- and I know I've posted all kinds of photos in the last decade.

    But Blogger is run by Google now, so who knows? Maybe they'll find me eventually and ask me to pay some more...or maybe I've been grand-mothered...

  3. Very odd, Becky. I've heard zilch from blogger but I link to my photos on Flickr. Maybe it's to do with the size of the photo that you upload? Sorry I'm not helpful at all!

  4. Wait. I think I know what your quality problem might be. Use the "share" feature in Flickr bur rather than grabbing the link, grab the html code for the photo you want to put in your post. Drop it right in to your blog post (don't even have to switch away from "compose" to "html"). That should work better.