Friday, November 2, 2012

On a Roller Coaster Katrina and Sandy

I keep seeing this image over and over again, and while going through my own Hurricane Katrina photos I came across this image.
It's from New Orleans' Six Flags, which, as far as I know, 7 years later, is still closed.

I've been on quite a roller coaster the last few days.  I sure hope that help is getting where it is needed quickly.  Just as in Katrina, it seems to be taking so long to get help where it's needed.  Just as in Katrina (and other storms), we're hearing tragic stories of those who stayed behind, despite warnings.

I find myself talking a lot to the TV when it's showing news from the East Coast these days.  It took my parents weeks to get running water back, months to get electricity, and a year, give or take to get back into their house.  My brother and sister-in-law stayed in Dallas, where they evacuated, followed by my mom, after my dad passed away, a few years ago.  Families lived in motels and FEMA trailers for way too long down there, and whole families (my own included) had to relocate to find jobs, schools for their children and places to live.  Long story short, it's going to be a long difficult ride for those in the hardest hit areas.

The ride will go up and down, all around, but it will eventually come to a place where you can get off and in many cases, start a whole new "normal".  My family lost so much, and received so much help afterwards from total strangers.  Ever since then I've tried to do what I can to "pay it forward" by donating money, fund raising, and yep, sewing.

Diane from "Random Thoughts, Do or Di" posted about a fellow quilter, Jennifer, who is in the same place that I was in 7 years ago.  Here's her blog post.  She's trying to collect some quilt blocks to sew up a quilt for her family.  I also made my family a quilt post-Katrina, as they lost pretty much everything.  I hope you'll join us in making up a few of these easy blocks!


  1. I have committed to making some blocks. I feel so fortunate here and so helpless.

  2. The tutorial referred to makes all bias edges....wonder if they would appreciate having them NOT be biased edged. The Eleanor Burns Quilt in a Day method provides non-biased edges and 8 HSTs at a time.