Wednesday, September 26, 2012

80's Friendship Bracelet Quilt Along

I'm a big fan of bloggers Lee and Faith, and recently started following Megan, so when I saw their posts about "From Blank Pages" Friendship Bracelet inspired quilt along, I had to jump in!

I just put the finishing touch on my Friendship Bracelet inspired projects.  I couldn't resist making more than one!!  I finished up 2 place mats and an oven mitt that, yes, has a friendship bracelet around it!!

Here's the back of the place mats:
Once again, here's my favorite bracelets from my own collection, 2 of which inspired my designs:
Here's a few "in progress pictures" that I took to give you an idea of how I made them:

For the oven mitt, I used insulbright batting for the first time.  No problems at all!  I even used an old flannel pillowcase I got from Goodwill, for the lining of the mitt, so I even worked in a bit of up-cycling as well.

Finally, I tried and tried to find a picture of me in the 80's, but as I've mentioned before, almost all of our family pictures were destroyed in Hurricane Katrina.  I do have a few that I started taking back then, that I have moved with me since college, but most have other people's faces in them.  I'm afraid this is one of only a few that I found, but wanted to include it, as it screams "80's", right down to the "80's ipod" (cassette tape player), the 80's entertainment center (a book), and just check out that wall paper!  Yes, I had a canopy bed, and yes, I am wearing a Hall and Oats concert T-shirt!  I still get nostalgic when I hear "Sara Smile".  My favorite musician back then by far, was Billy Joel (I'm a piano player, and was back then too), but I didn't get to see him until much later.  Prince was another favorite, and I was lucky to see him play as well... what an amazing musician!!

If you're still with me, go click on the link above to see what others have made, and many thanks to Diane for hosting such a fun event!!


  1. 80's music takes me back! we thought music was so portable - if we'd only imagined.