Thursday, September 27, 2012

Craft Book Month Link-Up

I've been seeing all sorts of craft book posts in blog land, and only discovered that there is a link up today (!).  When I read that your project doesn't have to be new, I decided to link up a blog post.  There's still a few more days to enter!!

Craft Book Month at Craft Buds

The pattern for this quilt is "Children's Delight", from the book "Quilts from The Quiltmaker's Gift", by Joanne Larsen Lin and Nancy Loving Tubesing.  This is one of the few craft books I own, and one of my favorite books.  I've made several quilts from this wonderful book, as well as its sequel, "More Quilts From the Quiltmaker's Gift".
That's the pattern, on the cover of the book!

I almost always get my craft and quilting books from our local library, which lets you check out books from all over the region. In fact, I just got these in yesterday!!  I've saved a ton of money this way, but every now and then I come across a book I just must buy.  The Quiltmaker's Quilts is one of them, and this "We Love Color" book may be another!!

Be sure to visit the link-up and see what others have made.  There are also all sorts of blog posts all about the craft book business, which I hope to read through soon.


  1. Oh! I love what you've done with that pattern to give it a 'modern' twist. I have that book -- and the original story book behind it. If I ever have grandchildren, I'll be reading it to them. :-)

  2. What a great quilt! I'll have to check out those books myself!