Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Finally a Finish! Shotgun House mini quilt

I just put this little beauty in the mail today to go to its new owner.  It's a design based on the "Shotgun House" architecture that is very commonly found in New Orleans, and other older cities in the US South.  It's only about 12 by 14 inches, free motion quilted in a few different ways, including some designs found on Leah Day's Free Motion Quilting Project blog.  I couldn't resit using "Mardi Gras colors" (green yellow and purple). The house style is named such, as the front door and back door are connected by a hallway that extends the entire length of the narrow house, and a gun fired from the front to the back will travel without hitting a wall.  They were created, from what I've read and remembered to minimize the old system of taxation that taxed the street frontage, making long and narrow houses less expensive, tax-wise.  The ability to open the large windows in front and throughout the back served well for cross ventilation in the days without air conditioning.  The ceilings inside of these homes are also very high, to allow hot air to rise.

Thanks so much for the nice comments on how to make the back hanger-ready.  I took the suggestion to make some small triangles to attach to the back to hang it with.  I'll for sure be using this method again for my smaller quilts!  It's so quick and easy!  I also remembered a little label!

I'll be linking up with Fabric Tuesday as well.  Come see what others have made!

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  1. I love your mini house quilt! The quilting looks really gorgeous on it, well done!