Monday, September 10, 2012

Friendship Bracelets (and more UFO's)

Have you seen the fun over at "From Blank Pages" blog, the Friendship Quilt Blog Hop, where she and others are making quilty projects inspired by friendship bracelets?  I got so excited when I saw some of the blog posts that I dug out my old friendship bracelets.  I keep them with some UFO cross stitch projects and all of my much neglected embroidery floss. 

Here are some more.
I also rediscovered some unfinished (UFO) friendship bracelets (sigh).  I don't even remember how to make them anymore LOL!
I hope to join in on the fun!  I have some much needed place mats partially cut out, and have been waiting for a design idea to strike me, and this may just be the ticket.  Totally rad huh?  I'm afraid that finding an 80's picture of me might be more of a challenge, as most pictures of me as a kid were "Katrina'd" (ie lost in the flood).  Luckily, I was in high school during part of the 80's, and do have a few pictures that I took, but I doubt any have me in them (you know how that works).  I may have a few yearbooks, although I was a yearbook photographer too, so again, very few pictures of me made it to publication...

I also rediscovered my 3 partial cross stitch projects.  Here's my favorite, based on a stained glass window by Frank Lloyd Wright.  Maybe some day....
Look at all of that negative asymmetrical space and colors.  It's make a great modern quilt too.  As with Frank Lloyd Wright, and Friendship bracelets, what goes around, comes around...

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