Thursday, September 6, 2012

Trip, A Few Finished Blocks, and Some Postcards

The days are getting noticeably shorter, the garden is winding down, and my boys will be starting school in a few weeks.  I think they have to have the latest start in the whole country.  But they'll also have the latest end too (end of June!).  I'm not thrilled at this, as June is the only time for us to travel as a family, but short of moving again, there's not much we can do.  Speaking of which, my husband just got back from another wildfire.  This one was in the NE corner of Oregon.  We tried to see him one day, but missed him by an hour.  Here's a picture of Lake Wallowa, which was very close to where his "base camp" was.
You can see the smoke and haze in the picture, but it was still beautiful!

I've been doing more sewing, including finishing this "shotgun house" mini quilt!!

I also have been playing around with left over binding and the little corners I trim off when I make it.  I keep them, and throw them in a bin.  I love to play like this, and am already envisioning a whole quilt made up of these blocks!!

Finally, I've made a few postcards for family birthdays, and realized how much I've missed getting these beauties in the mail.  I've taken a break from most sewing things this summer, and it's time to get back to it!!

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