Monday, September 3, 2012

Low Volume Quilt Top Finished

I just finished up my first "low volume quilt", made entirely from my scrap bin.  I made a dent in it, but not a big one.  I had lots of pre-cut squares in my bin as well, from a previous project that never got finished, so I combined them with all of the strips that I had and came up with this.  I originally planned to make it bigger, but lost momentum, and ran out of long strips of scrap fabric about the same time, so I decided to make it smaller, and will probably donate it to Project Linus.  It's 40 inches by 60 inches.

Here's a few other "ideas" that I had playing around with the strips, but they're all now in the quilt above...
I really need to finish up a few quilts though before I start a new one :-).


  1. Ooh, I love this. The soft, muted tones are so soothing.

    On another note, we will be passing thru Pendleton Wednesday on our way to Union, Oregon and Catherine Creek State Park for our annual VW end of summer gathering.....

  2. The wee bits of blue give the neutrals a bit of a kick; I like it!

  3. I do like it! Reminds me of quilts from the mid 20th century.

  4. I like it - both the different designs going on and the fabrics. The name is perfect.

  5. Hi, Becky. Your quilt is very pretty and subtle. I find the term "low volume" to be interesting. What will they invent next?
    best, nadia