Friday, January 25, 2013

Ombré Quilt

First of all, I really want to shout out a very big thank you for all of the wonderfully smart, generous ladies who have helped me out on the computer part of this blog!  Thanks to Amy, and Beth recently for explaining how to take anonymous commentators off my blog, and thanks to Debbie for helping me get signed up for Instagram and telling me how to browse from my computer via  Thanks also to Kit, Shanna, and Marlene.  You all have taught me so much about blogging and computers!!  I'm very grateful!!!

Speaking of Instagram, I'm now on there as "Solar Threads".  I don't have a smart phone, but did get an ipad mini for Christmas, which has a camera, and the ability to finally get on board!  I can also now get on-line when DH is using our shared computer, or we're using it's monitor to watch TV.

Finally, here's my finished 2013 Project Quilting top for this weeks' challenge.  The challenge is to use white and one other color.  I knew immediately that I could use this to scratch another project in my "project file" off of the list.  I've been wanting to make an ombré quilt for a while now.  I originally wanted to make a bed sized quilt, but this mini may be all it takes to get this itch scratched and move on.  I also have my most full scrap bin, blue, totally under control again!  Between my log cabin cat quilt (yellow and green), my Purple Haze Quilt (purple), the Low Volume (cream and white) and this one (blue), I have literally done a scrap quilt journey through the colors.  Sadly, my orange and red scraps are all in one bin that has never become full.

While scrap quilts aren't my favorite to make, I do really enjoy revisiting fabric that I've used in the past.  This has blue fabric that I used to make a quilt for my Father-in-law, a gift box for a dear friend, clothes and projects for my boys, and even some fabric that a sister-in-law just gave me a few weeks ago.  Fun!!

The squares in this quilt are about 1 1/4 inches, and let me tell you, this was a bear to iron straight!!  It took a good long while to piece together as well!!  I plan to quilt it simply and try out an "invisible" binding for the first time!!  I'm hoping to get it done by the Sunday deadline!!  Stay tuned to see if that happens!

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  1. It's lovely! I've not tried an ombre quilt of any size, and this one -- even 'mini' (whatever that is) is wonderful. And the size of the blocks! Whoa! Well done!