Tuesday, January 15, 2013

"Pallet Cleanser" Clothesline Fabric Bowl

I've gotten into a habit lately to do a small project between bigger quilts to help keep me motivated.  As most of you know, quilts take such a long time to make, so it's nice to make something little in between.

I love the fabric selvage projects and quilts that have become popular the last few years.  They appeal to my frugal side, and are so much fun to look at.  Each time I try to make something with my growing collection, though, I'm less than satisfied.  I really don't think these little bits of fabric are for me. 

I learned how to wrap small fabric strips around cotton clothesline quite a few years ago to make fabric bowls, but after buying my Pfaff, it gave me nothing but grief when I tried to zig zag stitch the coils together. 

I decided to try them out on my new Janome, which is a much beefier, more industrial machine, and it sewed through them without hesitation, skipped stitches or any tension problems!  Yea!!  I see a whole lot more of these bowls in my future!  I love the way the fabric makes a striped pattern... reminds me of a pixie stick candy!


  1. Pretty bowl, Becky! You have much more patience than I with fiddly bits. :-) Plus I don't think my Husqvarna would like the process...alas...

  2. Oh wow, I love this idea. Great bowl. Thank you, so much, for sharing.