Wednesday, January 30, 2013

WIP Wed, T@tT: Wildlife and Kale

I spent a good chunk of yesterday quilting my Wildlife Quilt that I'm making for a belated birthday present for my husband.  When I showed him the finished top, and asked him for input on borders and quilting, his one and only comment was "There's no elk!".  Hmmm...  So I had to figure out a way to get an elk in there somehow LOL.

I found an elk image on Google images, blew it up on the copy / printer, and traced it onto some tracing paper / physicians' office exam roll paper that I have on hand.

Then I stitched it onto the quilt.  I'm glad I only did one first to see if I wanted to do several throughout the quilt.  It hindsight, I wish I had stitched only the outline onto the paper, removed it, and then did the shading, because this

is a

to remove!! Anyone know if this will come out in the wash?  The rest of the quilt is quilted in a "sharp stipple" that I tried hard to make look like antlers.  I hope to get the binding on it today!!  Joining up with WIP Wed at Freshly Pieced!

I also just had to post a food item for Tuesday at the Table after making these kale chips last night for dinner!  Sorry for the lousy picture... I'm a card carrying member of the kale haters' club, but after getting 2 heads of it in our CSA / Co-op bin last week, I didn't want to throw it in our compost bin without trying something.  I found this recipe on the Food Network, and low and behold, they're actually pretty darn good!  Even my husband and kids agreed!

I also hope to make one of the Triple Zip's that Debbie is hosting a zip-along for.  Little does Debbie know, but I love zippers, and find them irresistible each time I spy them in thrift stores.  I have quite a collection, and hope to make up more than a few of these nifty pouches!!


  1. I liked your "bear" LOL. Sorry it is such a pain to get that darn paper out.
    I am hoping to get a triple zip done too, but I have to finish another commitment first and it is going to take a while. :P
    I like your fabric and zipper choices!

  2. See Google worked for the picture.... I think I would have used the freezer paper.... then you wouldn't have the pick it out problem! Oh well. Next time. It looks good.

  3. LOL! Hope your husband appreciates the work you did to include his elk!

  4. Wow!!! Love the elk :D I'm about to figure out how to quilt my friend's shoe treads on her quilt - been thinking of going the paper route. I wonder if tissue paper (like for gift bags) might work. . . Do you think it'd be too flimsy?

    Anyway - I really love this quilt. A perfect man's quilt, and wonderful quilting going onto it.

  5. Yay! It's a good time to love zippers! SO many awesome patterns and tutorials out there!