Thursday, January 10, 2013

Square2 almost done!

I decided to name this mini "Square2", as in square squared...  I got the quilting all done yesterday, and had much more fun quilting it than piecing it!  As I've said before, I'm enjoying more and more the quilting part of a quilt than just about anything else!  FUN!

All that's left is the binding, which I hope to get done before Saturday, as I have a full week-end planned with no time to sew!

I also have been trying hard to come up with a border design for my husband's quilt (still needs a name).  I have extra fabric and want to make it bigger, but am coming up just shy with everything I got.  I wanted to extend the design into the border, but don't have enough of the tan.
That's all I got... 17 inches...  So I gathered up my leftover "strip set strips", and tried this out.
I love the way this looks, but again, I'm just shy of having enough to go all the way around. I really don't want to buy anymore fabric.  I'm now thinking of just "skipping the borders", and using the leftover fabric on the back.  Any other ideas?

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  1. So what about.... finding another tan that comes close, just a bit darker and fade into it, randomly on the borders? It will introduce another color... and allow you to get bigger.