Friday, January 18, 2013

(Quilt) Back Problems

When it comes to quilt backs, I have a love hate relationship with them.  I love the extra dimension they can add to a quilt when done well, I actually love the challenge of piecing together a back out of my stash fabric, but I hate how much fabric they take, and I hate it when I don't have the fabric I need and have to buy it.

I pieced together all of my left over fabric from my "Irish Chain Wildlife"  quilt, and still didn't have enough.  That's a 32x31 inch center piece, and the quilt is 60 by 60. Even with the few other fabrics I pulled out of my stash I couldn't figure out a way to make it work.  One thing I've learned the hard way, is that it's really important for the quilt back to coordinate with the front.

In the end, I decided to use some fabric that I had in my stash that I'd bought for another quilt.  I think it suits my husband very well.  It's not "quilt store" quality, but I think it'll be fine.  I'm still using quilts made with "cheap" fabric that are well over 10 years old, and have been washed regularly, and they're holding up fine.  I sure WISH I could find "Mossy Oak Breakup" in a quilt store LOL!  It's frustrating to have spent so much time first on the border then on the back, to have neither work out.  Maybe I can use this in a Project Linus quilt, or something else...

I also have spent much of my time lately here,


and here.
I definitely see a pool-related quilt in my future!

Indoor pools are few and far between here in Eastern Oregon, so I've also spent a great deal traveling to my son's high school swim meets.  Luckily Oregon is such a beautiful place, so it's really something I enjoy.

I've also been busy fulfilling 2 resolutions to get fit, and to get organized.  We joined a gym for the first time in over a decade, and I'm trying hard to build a routine of visiting 3 times a week.  I've been able to de-clutter a few rooms too.  But my sewing has taken a back seat.  With the gym fees and gas money for traveling to swim meets, my fabric budget has been slashed as well, but I'm feeling so much better from the regular exercise and such that I don't really mind at all!!

I hope you all have a fabulous week-end!


  1. I like my backs to say something similar to the front as well... Maybe not matchy matchy but within shouting distance!

    Like the baskets in the previous post to.... I tried them once, and that machine didn't like them either... haven't tried again..... but maybe, just maybe I will.

  2. I never seem to have the right fabrics for backs, either. I do love a pieced back and the whole "sometimes the pieces still aren't enough" situation is encountered regularly. Oh well.

  3. I like backs to be matching as well, but for some reason I really don't like the pieced backs look. I'm surprised how popular that style is, but that's just me. I know it's very popular though and I'm trying to embrace it, maybe someday?