Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tuesday at the Table: Co-ops and Quilting

Over the week-end, I joined up with a newly-formed branch of "Bountiful Baskets" food co-op here in town!  I thought Tuesday at the Table would be a fun place to share this!  I'm also linking up with Fabric Tuesday!  All of the co-op details are on their website.  It takes a little planning and some volunteer work, but for only $15 we got this basket full of fresh fruits and vegetables! 

I also was able to buy a "bread basket" with 5 loaves of bread for only $10.  It's similar to a CSA in the aspect that you get what you get when it comes to the produce, but it's all grocery store quality and very fresh! I feel just a wee bit guilty admitting that I love the "tropical" addition, as I have belonged to actual local CSA's, and really missed that.  Avocados and citrus are 2 of my favorite foods!

I was also able to get another "Sea Star" completed that I'm doing through "Don't Call Me Betsy's" Lucky Star block of the month club.

I also was able to pin baste my Wildlife quilt!

I'm afraid I've also been suddenly getting a blizzard of spam comments lately.  I've reluctantly turned on my word verification.  Blogger used to have a way to turn off anonymous commentators, but I can't find it.  Does anyone else know how to access this?  I really do value all of my readers and want to make it easy to comment.


  1. Your blocks are so nice!
    I have been considering doing a co-op like yours but just havent jumped in yet!

  2. I love your star block! I'm a huge Tula Pink fan as well, so as soon as I saw Salt Water, I was hooked :)

  3. To change comments, permissions.... go to settings- posts and comments. HTHs... The co-op sounds good and fresh bread.... yum.

  4. Great to have all that good quality food! And I love your star block - very nice!

  5. That co-op sounds super interesting! We've been doing CSAs for a while now but I have to say that bread looks deeeelish!

    I agree with Beth above about changing the comments settings. You find those settings when you click "Design" at the top of your blog.